• Mr. C

    Mr. C

    Campbell heads The Morning Show with Candice and JLaC.

  • Baby Udle

    Baby Udle

    The Sugar in your Coffee on The Morning Show til Noon and the Caffeine for your Sunday Nights.

  • JLaC


    Buzzing on the Morning Show, Host of The All Request Saturday in Big Tom's Shed and Under the Influence Sunday Night 11:00pm with Local Musicians.

  • The Italian Stallion - Tony Angelo

    The Italian Stallion - Tony Angelo

    Host of The All Request Nooner and Master Distractor for your Weekday Workplace

  • Cousin Jay

    Cousin Jay

    The anonymous, mysterious person who has done it, has it and seen it all. Host of Welcome to the Rock Saturday Mornings.

  • Batstone


    The Night Owl with Alex Trebek Music Knowledge. Host of 'Year in your Ear'on Sundays.

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